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Rosie Hamlin - Angel Baby (June 29, 1991 Meadowlands Show Rehearsal Tape)

youtube-Tppk53MHo1o-51f2e8ba3c231.jpg Marty's Corner - Rosie and the OriginalsThumbnailsThe one who really loves you Rosie & The Originals

This video may appeal to collectors of Doo Wop and oldies music in general, a rare behind the scenes look at a Richard Nader concert, this one being from 1991. These clips are presented as they appear on the original VHS tape, unfortunately some of the songs are not complete as no one knew any better over 20 years ago that these videos would be available for the world to see (and may be the only chance to see some of these artists, in some cases). Here is Rosie Hamlin of Rosie And The Originals singing her big hit, Angel Baby. Please check out my other videos that I have from this rehearsal! Enjoy!

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