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The one who really loves you Rosie & The Originals

youtube-aBCVQ7bb7WI-51f2e7782186d.jpg ANGEL BABY ~ Rosie & The Originals  1960.wmvThumbnailsMarty's Corner - Rosie and the Originals

from lost session in 1969

music Smokey Robinson
produced by Doug Salma
arranged by Ben Benay
engineers Billy Erwin, Roger Nichols, Fred Borkman
recorded at Harmony Recorders and ABC Dunhill Studios,
Hollywood, Carifornia in 1969

Vocal Rosie Hamlin
Backing vocals unknown
Guitar Ben Benay
Bass Jerry Scheff
Piano Gil Quesada, Butch Parker
Saxophone Mike Henderson
Trumpet unknown
Drums Toxey French

taken from album "The best of Rosie & The Originals"
(1999 ACE CDCHD 738)