Rosie Hamlin, creator of the famous love song "Angel Baby".

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Rosie and the Originals Official Website


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         We welcome you to the official "Angel Baby" website. . Please come in and stay awhile. Inside you can find the history of the song 'Angel Baby' and how it became a classic love song around the world.

         Read Rosie's Biography or visit the Photo Album for 100's of picture of entertainers, dj's, friends, & family. Our Blog is coming back online with Lyrics, Bio's and much more!

         There is a lot to see here so you might want to 'Just Take Your Time'. Perhaps listen to some music from the Jukebox, visit the Art Gallery of Rosie's authentic oil on canvas. Be Sure to see more of 'Angel Baby' from the many newspaper clippings and flyers in the photo album.


Gene Davidson


  MY tribute to Mr. Gene Davidson

     I would like to pay an overdue tribute to Gene Davidson, my very good friend and personal Manager for many years. Gene had a more positive influence on me during my career than anyone plus he helped me grow as an individual and helped to replace insecurity with confidence.  Gene had a birthday a few months ago and is alive and kicking and in his words, looking wise and other-wise!
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Radio Plugs from KJOK

John Lennons' Angel Baby

Wolfman Jack intro Angel Baby

Still in Real Audio Format/Swf coming soon

Making of Gallery of Dreams
Brad Pie w/ Rosie

Fibromyalgia Aware Magazine

Rosie's Letter of Appreciation

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